The other day I was with my brothers working out at one of their gyms. This is your regular treadmill, lat pull down, rope extension, seated calf raises, smith machine, and leg press kind of gym. I’ll tell you what though I use all those machines I just mentioned and use them proudly I did.
Let me know if this sounds familiar to you.  Grab a cart, roll it in the supermarket, and the journey of picking your food begins.  Now I have been to a lot of supermarkets and what I noticed about these visits is that I take the same route in all of them.  This can also
Guess what people??  Summer’s here!  Either we have the confidence to take our clothes off in public (avoiding nudity of course) or we need to do more work.  Either way, we should not be discouraged!  There is time to gain that confidence and if it takes you a little longer than you think, at least
Have you ever seen a person or heard the saying that they only have one speed set?  They only know how to move one way and that is the pace they use when they try to accomplish things.  Often times I see this during work outs.  They move through their stretches, warmups, and the actual
Here it is!  The secret behind any successful training program!  The strength or resistance part of all programs.  Remember from the beginning I said you will need all three in order for your program to be successful?  This is a major part of that formula. When you are talking about gaining strength or muscle, everybody
When you think of the word Cardio, you probably already have pictured yourself running on the treadmill or out in public, right?  Yes that is a form of a cardio vascular exercise but so is walking, jogging, playing recreational sports, swimming, biking, jumping rope, and even gardening.  These are some examples of what a cardio
It’s been too long my friends.  If you guys were wondering, Krank was on the move.  We have moved to a bigger and better location and it has been a real busy time trying to get everything up and running.  Everything is still a process but it’s at least good enough for me to start
I am back from Colorado and what a great trip it was indeed!  The smell of the mountains, the feel of the cold snow, the heavy breathing do to the thin air it is known for, and all the while knocked out a 5 mile Spartan Race at Fort Carson.  To tell you the truth,
So you have hit a WALL and these are your options What are you going to do now? ARe you going to climb over the wall? ARe you gonna walk around it? or are you gonna……? [youtube][/youtube] My monday video of choice today: [youtube][/youtube] Be well everyone Pete Isip Your Guide to fitness
So I cheated on my Diet, Now what? Pete Isip Whats up KRANKSTERS!! I hope you are killing it today I know I will be so jump on it. KRANLKSTERS are killing it lately and taking stuff serious If you have any plateaus or need some extra help. Hit me up with a question and
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He was a warrior for accepting help, if I could talk to Matty again, I’d tell him that.” Rebecca’s voice falls through the receiver; muffled and echoing as if she’s calling from a fish bowl. “I am 24 years old and we have the same eyes, on my face they are still together. The creases
Two gyms. Same name. One heart. When something feels like home before you even get there… Theres a vibrating hum that comes off the walls of the corner door of the 8th floor of a building. On Gold Street in Brooklyn, there is a Krank Gym hidden among a maze of  storage doors.  The air
We meet in the office… Her face wears a glowing shade of scarlet as her heart begins to settle into it’s normal rhythm, she says, “I don’t think you know this but I have a heart condition, When I was two they did surgery – they put a catheter in there to replace the valve
Our bodies are perfect as they are, in the natural state of being. The ability that it possesses to recover, repair and give us life is far more in-depth than the eye can see. Take for instance we woke up this morning – we knew to open eyes, feed ourselves, use our legs, take a
Food induces the feeling of volunerabilty and the word dieting sends me running to the scale searching for answers on a glass plater. Or at least this is how I use to feel, but i’d be lying if I told you the mental chatter still kicks up conversation from time to time. You see, I’ve


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