Regress to Progress

I tighten my grip against the cold metal surface feeling like a forgeiner to movement. 

White nuckles, legs locked and head titled slights towards the ground.

There’s a band around my knees that’s pulling me into myself and I’m just concentrating on getting it right –

hoping that if this is as painful as its been,

 it will all be over quickly.

I think of a loaded gun; and how approaching the bar after an injury feels like playing Russian roulette.

Once you lost you’re own trust, it takes a lot of time and patience to regain it back. 

I take a deep breath in and shake myself out of my and I squat down then stand up. I’m surprised at my efficiently and I think that maybe we hold fear in unseen patterns of our being because in all actuality what we think we create.

I’ve said this a million times over the past few weeks and I guess I’ll say it again;

being injured is the most humbling experience that a person can go through.

Here’s a gentle reminder that sometimes you need to regress to progress.

What does that mean exactly?

 It means taking five steps backwards will bring you 10 steps forwards, not now but eventually. It’s hard to see that in the moment, trust me I know. 

There will be feelings of frustration, boredom and anxiety. I’ll prepare you for that… lets not forget the paranoia that you’re doing everything wrong, this is because errors hold up mirrors of self reflection and at times that realization is hard to swallow.

This is not a bad thing, this is how we grow.

So now what?

Regressing for better…

The weight on the bar is a quarter of what I’m use to tackling. 

I’m choosing to slow down with stability, while easing myself back into movement because it takes a lot of concentration to make sure you’re doing something efficiently.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice. Shame on me. but you is me and me is me and actually i’m just going to move on to say,

The bands are creating intensions to correct imbalances,

 you start to feel muscles you haven’t in a while. 

The body wakes up to sore simplicity and you realize things don’t need to make things so hard all time, as long as you pay attention to how you feel.

It’s time to take things slow…

Having that a  “go, go, go..” Mindset for things will make things well, GO.

They’ll defiantly pick up speed pretty quickly but then they’ll be gone and you’ll have to do what you can to build everything you worked for back up again.

If there’s anything id want to say it’s that regressing to better ISN’T going backwards its just retracing your steps to make sure you’re doing things right. It’s about practicing being comfortable with the act of learning instead of focusing on an final product that isn’t created yet.

With that said, why not the take the time to perfect yourself for the future? Make mistakes, fall down but then get up and face the bar.

For those that can relate, I leave you with this,

practice makes perfect. 

Be kind to yourself in your journey through growth.

You’ll get there, even if you feel like you need to take a few steps back and breath.

As always, be well,

Coach B.


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