🚖 Your Body is Like Your Car

Progress is a process, life is not a race.

I think sometimes we feel as if we need to be somewhere we’re not yet.

Finding ourselves driving a 1,000 miles per hour to get to a place we’ve never been to.

As with anything else, with progress we endure setbacks. These setbacks cause frustration and with frustration we tend to push on the peddle to go harder.

How are we getting there you ask?
The only vessel we have;
our bodies.

Now, with all this rev’d up stress momentum, we are left with a cloud of dissatisfaction that can blur our vision.

It’s time to switch gears a bit and start to listen.
I want you to think of your body as a car engine and with this engine, there are signals.


Signals depict that somethings wrong and the more that we ignore those signals, the worse the internal problem gets.

It’s probably best to take a deep breath and reassess how you’re fueling your car.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself if the “RED LIGHT” turns on:

How much are you eating?
Are you getting enough water?
Are you getting the proper amount of sleep?
Have I given myself some time to recover?
Are you stretching and foam rolling before and after your workout routines?
(the last one is extremely important)

If you haven’t added this to your workout ritual I recommend you doing so to better get in tuned with your mind and body.

Foam rolling is the perfect way to decipher where your body has it’s pain points.
Just a few minutes before your stretches can show where and what exactly needs to be targeted for activation purposes.
Foam rolling breaks up the built up lactic acid in the muscles that congeal from constant usage.

Without the proper release, swelling and pain can form leading to muscle imbalances and over compensation in movement patterns that can travel to other parts of your body.

You’re body Is All You Got

Addressing the issues prior to the symptoms becoming worsened can save you a lot in the pain department and Give you a clear indication as to what muscle groups need to be strengthen in order for you to reach your optimal strength level.

You wouldn’t bring your Porsche to a unknown mechanic down some shady side street and hand the keys off to a man name Blade with one eye,
DONT do the same for you’re body.

I always recommend getting the name of trusted Physical therapist as soon as you detect pain problems. If you need one, https://dynamicpeakphysicaltherapy.business.site/ are our trusted go to.

Trusting yourself is a process, but don’t worry you’re on the right track, we are here to guide you on your journey.



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