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 Be. Do. Have.

Think about this for a minute…

If you want to HAVE _____ (fill in the blank)

You need to DO what people who have _____ (fill in the blank) do.

Actions (what we do) are driven by our paradigms (who we BE).

So, the first step in achieving/having anything is to BE the person who achieves/has those things…

For example, if you want to HAVE happiness you need to DO things that make you happy and that starts with just BEING happy.

You can literally CHOOSE to be happy.  When you start with yourself (put yourself in a state of happiness), your actions will reflect it, and those actions will always yield a reaction…in this case a happy life.

Same for finances.  Broke people have a broke mindset.  That’s why they’re always broke.

If you want to improve your financial situation it starts with having an abundance mindset…

Like always attracts like.  What you think about you bring about.

What about fitness?

Well, fit people think a certain way and their actions reflect it.  Those actions yield the results they get.

That’s a big misunderstanding by people who are trying to get in shape – they think it’s all about busting your ass in the gym and restricting yourself in the kitchen.  They think it’s about “willpower.”


Fit people first and foremost make the decision to be fit.  They think like fit people.  

Fit people don’t look at exercise as something they “have to do” it’s something they want and get to do – it’s a privilege.  

Fit people don’t diet!  They choose to support their body with good nutrition – no different than putting the right kind of fuel in your car… Note:  high-performance cars require high-performance fuel, not the cheap stuff.  In fact,  you have to go to a special gas station for really high-performance cars…

Fit people go to sleep at a decent hour instead of watching late night TV.

I could go on and on…

The point is if you want to HAVE something you need to DO what those who have it do…and ultimately, you need to “reprogram” your mindset to BE the person who naturally does the things…

Here’s the good news: YOU CAN REPROGRAM YOURSELF!

I’ve seen it countless times over my twenty-year career in the fitness industry, first and foremost with myself.

At first, you may have to “force” yourself to do things, but with practice and patience, before you know it those supportive actions will become a habit and you will BE that person.  🙂

That’s why I love programs like our 6-week Krank Motivation Challenge – it’s the ultimate catalyst for people who want to BE fit.

SO let me know if you want in some of you all already messaged me. Don’t be that persona thats gonna miss out.

Be awesome 

Coach Pete Isip

Best Trainer in Nutley 


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