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I had a topic all setup for you guys that had to do with Running but this #hatersgonnahate matter cause me to rant and lead me to eventually write write and write.  Don’t worry RUNNERS, I’m still going to give you all the information in order to improve your running habits and times.  But for now, here we go!

“So haters gonna hate huh??” 

Let them.  I’ve always believed that you will never be able to please everyone you come across in this lifetime or even the next.  It is just impossible, time consuming, and to tell you the truth, a lot of wasted effort.  The fact is you will rub some people the wrong way and maybe affect the others in a positive manner.  But they will never be on the same page that you want all of them to be on.

Let me piggy back off the video Pete made last week in regards to this matter.

Watch Pete’s Haters Gonna Hate Video Now!!


Change is Inevitable

Yes this statement is always true.  This is not the tricky part of this.  Let me rant a little!  Can you adapt to change?  This is the question we should be answering.  Remember all of your friends when you were younger?  How many of them are still your friends?  Close friends?  Didn’t you think you would stay friends forever?  Of course it didn’t turn out the way, well at least not all of them.  Listen up young bucks!  As you get older and just get better in life, change must happen.  You will start losing friends (BFF’s) as they call them now who you thought would never leave.  You will see them less and less and then maybe not at all.  Don’t take it personal and just expect it. This is the natural part of life that usually happens.

Let’s get back to this hating shenanigan.  As you see start to see small changes in your body and become happier and happier with yourself, others see that too.  But now they don’t understand how you did it and why you did it.  So they’re now on the outside looking in.  Listen, you have nothing to be guilty of or ashamed of.  You followed the exercise program, nutrition, and now you are getting the results you want.  See now they must adapt to this change.  Don’t be sad about it, this should really test out those friendships or relationships.  If they are not going to adapt to your new lifestyle or your level, it’s probably not going to work out anyway.  Now don’t go kicking all of your friends out of your life because I told you to, No! No! No!  Just expect it to happen and let it happen!


I leave you with these quotes on this subject matter:

“Embrace the hate.  If no one hates you just even a little, you are not doing enough in life.”  

– Lou Jester Isip


 “Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.”

-Yaira N.

But Remember… 

“Hate your haters, then you are no different from them.”

-Racine Bamwany

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