Whats the word everyone! I’ve got a little layover in NC so i figured I’d use the time to my advantage and get right to it. I was sitting at the pool yesterday and woke the F### up and was AMPED about why I strive to do things 100 %. There is always one factor
  ” Happiness is not a matter of intensity but balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” -Thomas Merton Balance is a BIG BIG key to happiness, at least so I’ve heard!  In a rushed life to get numerous deeds done in order to survive, we forget the importance of a balanced one.     That is
Whats up everyone! I am sitting here in Cali and its only 5 am but I know its 8 ish  back in JERSEY. I was watching YOUTUBE clips like I always do  to see whats up and found this one. I will video up on it but I wanted to share with you Bc we
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plh8mtfBP2A[/youtube] Check out some of our KRANKSTERs in Jersey city and Brooklyn. Doing work and F###ing shit up! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRAp1-cVuLM[/youtube]
MOTIVATION ANYONE??!  Why do we train??!  What makes us push for that last burpee??  What do we think about when we work out??  Who inspires us??!  So many questions that we ask ourselves when it come to working out or  why we do what we do.  I had another topic in mind but I’m going
Whats up everyone I just wasnted to remind you all to ALL day every day! I am dealing with this injury and def have to reassess what I want in life. Where do I see myself in 30 years??? I already know and can tell you if you wanted me to. Kinda fucked up right?
Whats up everyone in KRANKAMANIA!!! Hope you are all good. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdeI9Bq04KM[/youtube] Who said working out has to be boring [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3az_05MLsDU[/youtube] Be well everyone Pete Isip Your North Jersey Fat Loss Expert
“I never strap up my helmet to go lose-honestly, it’s a vision…that’s the thing, getting everybody to see that same vision…and if you do, that’s rough beating me, who see’s something…”   I’ve been struggling this to stay motivated because my head is just cluttered with so many things right now. And when this happens,
I know some of you are probably tired of hearing or watching the Olympic Games…well thats too damn bad because that’s what this one is about!!  But for those who are really into the games and are inspired and motivated (like me) by all the athletes…PRROOCCCEEEDD!!!  OK…let’s get this out of the way now,  MICAEL
Don’t be afraid to take a step back and regress from your normal exercise movements in order to progress in your future workouts!!  With that being said, I thank you guys again for reading my first post.  I got a lot of good feed back.  Although no one really brought me a double cheese burger!
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